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The Met Manus x Machina: Technology in Fashion

The Met Manus x Machina is a new exhibit that recently started on May 5th and will continue through August 16th. If you are into fashion and want to know how technology has influenced the clothes you express yourself in, this is a event for you. This exhibit is all about how technology from the past and present influences the fashion world and fashion itself. It focus on the transition from working by hand to moving to machines, hence the name The Met Manus x Machina. Manus translating to hand and Machina translating to Machine. Fashion is such a important industry in the world connecting cultures, countries and people. This is an event that celebrates the evolution of fashion as technology starting to weave its way into the traditional methods of designing, making and distributing clothes.

Manus x Machina is meant to revile the myths behind fashion and clothing. Many believe that hand made items are more luxurious and expensive, come to the event and learn if that is true or not. One can look forward to learning a bit about the styles and types of clothing that exist along with the creative process, the mechanics, and the methods that design and create the art that you quiet literally live in. Yes, at The Met Manus x Machina exhibit you will truly see and experience that fashion and the merge of technology in it is truly both a art and a science.

It is one of the hottest and most talked about events in NYC and the industry. Come see for yourself the innovative works of art that are created by some of the most brilliant such as Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent among others. Plus this is so hot this year, you never know who you might see there.