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A Cruise down the Hudson with a Classic Harbor Line vessel!

At Venture we focus on offering exceptional and memorable experiences. We love finding unique things that will stand out when you look back at your duration in NYC. One of many great ways to obtain such experiences is by taking a cruise down the Hudson with Classic Harbor Line. Our experience was taken place on The Schooner America 2.0. Our sunset sail started at Pier 62 in Chelsea, a prime location for exploring since the High Line is not far from it, and not to forget the Chelsea Market a great place to try different cuisine.

The Cruise down the Hudson River

The Schooner America 2.0 is a beautiful vessel, one of five in their fleet. From the moment you get on board you see how effective, professional and friendly the crew is; they truly have your best interest at heart wanting you to have a pleasant experience. The boat feels very luxurious and ignites ones desire of embarking on an adventure. As you are on board and sit down your anticipation grows to break free into the open water. There is much to enjoy as the Schooner America 2.0 is a 105-foot sailing yacht that provides access to comfortable seating and bar service. Whether you are bringing a small or large party the ship will be able to accommodate your needs as it can serve up to 75 individuals.  The ship is equipped with an open salon below the deck that features a full service galley and two marine restrooms. The history of the vessel and how it is designed is a story in of it self that guests can learn more about when sailing.

The sail was very enjoyable, providing a unique perspective of downtown New York City. With this cruise we were able to see the Empire State Building from a distance, the freedom tower from up close, the Financial District from a unique view, and a closer look of the Statue of Liberty than you can have from Manhattan. The cruise is very engaging as you watch the crew work the vessel and the swaying of the boat brings more of an authentic feel. Classic Harbor Line offers a great experience with this premium sailing attraction. We recommend the Schooner American 2.0 as it blends elegance, comfort with a modern flare. A very original experience that everyone should at some point experience.