central park

Central Park

Do you love the outdoors? Craving some fresh air? Visit Central Park – it is a lush, 843-acre property of fields, waterfronts and foliage. There are countless ways to spend quality time in the park, whether it is reclining on a park bench by the water, having your portrait drawn, biking, picnicking, or going for a jog. The following attractions can be enjoyed:

North Park

Huddlestone Arch, the Loch, Conservatory Garden, the pool, the Ravine, Reservoir, Harlem Meer and snack bar, Charles A. Dana Discovery Center


Strawberry Fields (John Lennon Memorial site), the lake, Hernshead, Cherry Hill, Alice in Wonderland statue, Belvedere Castle, Kerbs Boathouse, Conservatory Water, Ladies Pavilion, Bethesda Terrace, Minton Tile Ceiling at Bethesda Terrace, Obelisk, Great Lawn, Shakespeare’s Garden

South Park

Central Park Zoo, the Balto statue, Chess and Checkers House, the Mall and Literary Walk, the pond, Gapstow Bridge, Carousel, Wollman Rink, Sheep Meadow, Diary Visitor Center and Shop

History of Central Park

Central Park is the most frequented urban park in the United States and one of the most popular sights to film in the world. It was established in 1857 and became an official National Historic Landmark in 1963.

In the 1960’s a number of events began to be introduced to the park. The Delacorte Theater was constructed and began to host Shakespeare in the Park. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and Metropolitan Opera began to be hosted on the Great Lawn.

The carousel and Belvedere Castle were later added, as well as two skating rinks, the Central Park Zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, the Conservatory Garden and more. The park has served as inspiration to other urban parks all over the globe, such as Stanley Park in Vancouver and Tokyo’s Ueno Park.

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