Three customizable accommodation options for you!

Venture presents a various selection of choices to suit your accommodation requirements. There are three options available; The Getaway, Travel Stay and Long-Term Stay.

The Getaway is designed to help you visit new and exciting destinations, year after year in New York City. The getaway is an easy way to experience a comfortable weekend vacation (approximately 2-4 nights) with competitive low pricing. This ensures you the lowest price that we can provide while maintaining Venture’s standard of luxury and comfort. This can be provided in any season and in every season. We make this possible by our large database of accommodation providers in New York City that you can choose from anywhere within the five boroughs. If New York City is to busy for you, why not choose a destination that is out of the city limits and get your rest on.

Travel Stay allows you to enjoy all NYC has to offer ranging from a day to 3 weeks. We can present you with a wide array of accommodation. As a concierge service we do our best to negotiate the lowest price possible so that you are given an enjoyable, convenient experience. We handle all the details, therefore, you are free to revel in the city.

Long-term Stay enables you to stay for a minimum of 30 days plus. This normally entails fully equipped apartments. Our selections entail luxurious apartments equipped with the amenities of your liking or you can simply live as if you were at your own home. At your request, we can administer a personal assistant. We can also arrange city transportation whether you prefer public transport, black car service, or a limousine. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling for business or pleasure we can provide a wide variety of services that will make your trip exceptional.