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Explore Brooklyn

Description: Brooklyn is a good example of what the United States refers to as the melting pot. Explore Brooklyn lets you experience the immense diversity and quantity of Brooklynites that creates a unique and fascinating borough. Its assorted neighborhoods range from Williamsburg – a growing and popular location full of art, nightlife and music – to a beachfront such as Coney Island that is famous for its amusement parks. There is also Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope, which are beautiful and are known for their nature. Whether you want to Explore Brooklyn by seeing the historical Brooklyn Bridge, stroll through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden or see the Children’s museums, there are plenty of activities to do.  At Venture we will ensure that you have an authentic Brooklynite experience.

You can explore Williamsburg and enjoy some beautiful skyline views from the Ides and enjoy a great drink at some of the great gastro-pubs such as the Elm and Reynard.

  • Are you more of a Speakeasy kind of a person? Then visit Rye for some great old-fashioned drinks J! If beer floats your boat then enjoy a large selection from Tørst in Greenpoint or visit either the Brooklyn Brewery or Dirck the Norseman to have a tour and enjoy a brew-ski.
  •  If you have happy feet and just can’t stand still then dance the night away and get your jazz on at Cubana Social and enjoy some authenticity. 
  • For food of all kinds, you can enjoy authentic restaurants all over Brooklyn, for example, Five Leaves in Williamsburg is known for its delicious locally sourced menu.
  • Shopaholics! Williamsburg is one of the best places in New York City to shop.  From vintage to modern and contemporary, it has it all! While you may be shopping and enjoying your experience be prepared because Williamsburg is the Indie music capital of the world!
  • Music is not lacking in this eclectic area!

Enjoy a Customized adVenture

Let Venture be your guide and make you feel as if you lived here. No need to worry or stress about planning everything. Our experienced team creates packages that are designed for what you are interested in and can include transportation to and from New York City (flight, train, bus or car), accommodation in Brooklyn provided and a set of tours, and metro/bus pass to get around. No worries we wont let you get lost, you will receive a map of New York City to help you navigate and a list of restaurants and in -eason events to Explore Brooklyn.

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