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Explore The Bronx


Although the Bronx is the third most densely populated county in the U.S. about a quarter of its area is open space! That’s right, this allows it to have the famous Yankee Stadium and Woodlawn Cemetery, Van Cortlandt Park, Pelham Bay Park, the New York Botanical Gardena and the world renown Bronx Zoo.

  • If animals fascinate you it would be worth going to Explore The Bronx Zoo, which is the largest zoo in New York City, and among the largest in the country.
  • One of the most popular reasons to Explore the Bronx is to go see a game at Yankee Stadium but there is more to the Bronx than meets the eye.
  • If you’re a fan of hip-hop then this is the borough for you. The Bronx is where hip-hop was born and the Puerto Rico salsa dance was nurtured in the ballrooms of the Bronx.
  • With Venture we will provide a unique experience where you will have a taste of history and still manage to have a blast in a very diverse area! We can take you on a journey through Belmont / Arthur Avenue which is home of New York City’s Little Italy and Edgar Allan Poe’s cottage where he wrote Annabel Lee.

Enjoy a Customized adVenture

Our packages developed by our experienced team can customize your trip and handle every meticulous need and create a worry free experience where transportation to and from New York City (flight, train, bus or car) can be arranged. Accommodation in Bronx will be provided along with a set of tours in the Bronx and all around NYC. We can arrange for a metro/bus pass for your mobility along with a map of New York City to help you navigate around. Our team will supply a list of restaurants and events in the Bronx that are in season for you to get the most out of your trip.

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