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The NYC Coffee and Tea Festival may be your place to be!

Are you a fan of caffeine? Maybe a caffeine addict in secret? Well we have found the perfect place for you to blend in the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival. If you don’t like caffeine don’t worry, you can find caffeine free coffee and tea options. This Saturday, March 19th meet your fellow buzz enthusiasts at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. Enjoy over 60 exhibitors and over 100 different tastings. Whether you are a coffee or tea connoisseur or don’t know the first thing about the subject, you can enjoy, taste and learn about what you like and why.

There are so many different regions for coffee, from Latin America, Hawaii, Ethiopia, Africa, and Indonesia among many others. But of course there are all the styles, from milk based to non milk based, cappucino, americano, flat white, vienna, and caffe latte just to name a few. A popular subject to debate about is of course which brewing method in your opinion tastes best, french press, drip, chemex, vacuum pot, or percolator? Find out what you like and which coffee can be made which way.

Tea lovers, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. Have a taste of a variety of teas ranging from white tea, black tea, flavored white, flavored green, green , oolong, mate tea, rooibos and herbal. Find out what you like, hot or cold brew, and don’t forget that not all tea is steeped at the same temperature and for the same duration. Fascinating isn’t it!

This NYC Coffee and Tea Festival is so much fun and has so much information for you that can help you learn things you never knew and try things you have never tried. So we would recommend buying your ticket, grabbing your friends and taking your tastebuds on a adventure.