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Globetrotter Package

We know you. You are one of us: a globetrotter, travel enthusiast and free spirit! Nothing excites you more than traveling and you plan every trip with purpose. Let Venture be a part of your journey and provide you with the tools and services needed to enjoy New York City your way.

Venture is a concierge company that offers value custom packages for travelers from all walks of life.  We tailor every detail of your trip so that you are ensured a seamless, peaceful stay. We can handle the logistics of matching you with accommodations that best suit your needs so that you can focus your time on making memories during your stay. Why worry about the details? Housing options include top NYC hotels or our stunning NYC residences, all ranging from glamorous to cozy.

We help find the best value for every budget so that you might have the best NYC experience possible. We offer the most competitive rates in the city! Travel to and from New York City can be arranged, whether you prefer to travel by plane, boat, bus, car, or even a private jet charter.

As a team of fellow globetrotters we understand how every detail of travel comes into play. Provided upon your arrival is a list of events, restaurants, tours, services, attractions and deals. Examples include concerts, fine dining options, city tours, Broadway plays and getaways to locations such as Niagara Falls. The time of a lifetime is guaranteed to each type of traveler with the most diverse range of interests. So pack your bags and make your own mark on all five boroughs of New York City. An adventure is sure to be had.

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