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City Getaways

New York City can be exhausting at times. If you want to getaway from the hectic city we will gladly accommodate you. It can be difficult to find the best vacation spot. We can help you narrow it down.

Choose from some of our premier locations for Getaways such as:

  • Niagara Falls,
  • Woodstock,
  • The Hamptons,
  • Sleepy Hollow,
  • Pocono Mountains,
  • and more.

We are able to arrange the entire trip for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. We enable you to take a break from it all, no need for organizing or worrying about all the travel arrangements. We do it all from transportation, accommodation, to activities to participate in. Our getaways are truly a fun and relaxing experience for you. We know how overwhelming New York City can get with all the day to day hustle and bustle. This is a great solution where there are no deadlines, no worries, no drama. At Venture we understand that you can always make money but you can’t always make memories. We do what we can to help you make great memories and to have some quality rest and relaxation.

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